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LIFT Application

Mission Statement  
Believing that a strong public education system is a key element of a vibrant community, and outstanding, skilled teachers are essential to a student’s receiving a high quality education, the Salina Education Foundation, in collaboration with USD 305 and the Saline County community, has developed the Loan Initiative for Future Teachers (LIFT) program.  The Foundation firmly believes this program is a positive step in the critical task of attracting high caliber teachers.

Program Description
The LIFT program is designed to encourage talented students to enter the teaching profession and teach in the Salina Public Schools (USD 305).  Recipients sign an agreement to complete the program of study leading to a teaching degree and to teach one year for each year of recipient support.

Recipients receive up to $5,000 each academic year and the loan may be received four years (in a five year degree program).  Graduate work can be funded if it is required for initial certification.

Recipients receive a renewal application, along with an Agreement and Promissory Note, from the Salina Education Foundation which must be signed and returned to the Salina Education Foundation, Box 797, Salina, KS  67401.
Eligibility Criteria
In order to be eligible to apply to the LIFT program, each recipient must:

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria comprise the applicant pool and will be given consideration based on relative academic strength and teaching potential.  Priority consideration will be given to applicants who are in their final two years of study in teacher education.  Applicants who are beginning their first year of post-secondary education may be selected, with support beginning after recipient successfully reaches sophomore status. The LIFT program accepts applicants with degrees, but who have not received an initial teacher certification.  The Salina Education Foundation will require a personal interview as part of the application process.
Recipient Obligations
Recipients are advised to be seriously committed to teaching in the Salina Public Schools (USD 305) for each year of loan support and required to sign a Statement of Commitment and Intent.   If the recipient selects a different major outside the teaching profession or does not teach in Salina Public Schools, the loan becomes due with interest accruing from the date of the voucher or check date.  Payments will not be deferred.  Postponement of repayment may be authorized by the Salina Education Foundation under specific conditions outlined in the Loan Agreement.
In the event that there is no full-time job available or the applicant is not hired by the Salina Public Schools, the Salina Education Foundation will allow the recipient to apply for jobs and teach at non-Salina Public Schools (USD 305) that are accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education and located in Saline County.  Under this scenario, all terms and conditions of the Loan Agreement will remain in effect.

Application (Deadline, January 31st)
The priority deadline to be considered for this award is January 31. The application must be received by the Salina Education Foundation, Box 797, 1511 Gypsum, Salina, KS 67401 by 4:45 PM on that date. It is the direct responsibility of the applicant to make certain all components of the application package are received by the deadline, whether delivered by the applicant, U.S. Mail or other means. Applications that arrive after the 4:45 PM deadline will not be accepted. Applicants will receive information regarding the status of their applications by April 6.
pdf form LIFT Application (Complete)
pdf form LIFT Application Section A

For answers to questions or for more information, contact Pam McIntyre at 785-309-4729 or email pam.mcintyre@usd305.com.