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About LIFT

Purpose of the LIFT Program
The primary program provides up to $5,000 in loans, renewable annually for up to four years (in a five year degree program), to qualified high school graduates, college students, classroom paraprofessionals, and other Saline County residents who seek to become certified teachers. If hired, loan recipients are forgiven up to $5,000 of their loan repayment for each year they teach in USD 305 schools. Support begins the recipient's sophomore year and he/she will receive up to $5,000 for three years (four years in a five-year degree program).

Goals for the LIFT Program

Objectives for Reaching LIFT Goals

Who Can Apply?
All Saline County residents and any person who is working for or attending a Saline County school are eligible. Loan awards will be based on several factors, including:

Who will administer the L.I.F.T. Program?
A L.I.F.T. Program Governance Committee comprising no more than seven members will assist the Salina Education Foundation in developing policy and administering all aspects of the program. Governance Committee members will include:

How will candidates be identified?
Candidates will be identified through an application process that requires recommendations from high school and university teachers and school district employers.

How will recipients be selected?
The Governance Committee will review applications, academic records, support letters, and references to identify top candidates. The committee will make final selections following personal interviews with top candidates.

How will recipients' performance be monitored?
The Governance Committee will design a process for administering periodic reviews of student performance during each school year. Annual renewal of the loan will be determined through this process, which will include grade point average as documented through college transcripts, personal interviews with recipients, evaluations of practice teaching, and any other evaluation instruments deemed relevant by the committee.

Must USD 305 hire all recipients when they finish school?
Recipients cannot be guaranteed employment by USD 305, although they will be guaranteed an interview. However, a stringent selection process and monitoring system will minimize the possibility of funding candidates who do not demonstrate the capability of meeting USD 305 teacher standards. In addition, loan contracts will include a repayment obligation clause, which will be activated for any recipient who fails to complete the course of study or who does not teach in Salina Public Schools after graduation if offered employment.