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Frequently asked Questions

How does the Salina Education Foundation help students in the district?
The Foundation has provided $600,000 in grants to teachers and schools since 1993. We administer scholarships to Central and South High graduating seniors yearly. We accept and administer donations for specific schools or programs. We administer a Foundation endowment as well as an endowment to support the Loan Initiative for Future Teachers (LIFT) program.

I noticed that my child’s school has not received as many grants as other schools. Why?
Every teacher in the district can apply for a grant from the Foundation. Some teachers in schools utilize the grant program more than others. The allocations committee is very careful to award funding equitably, but the teachers must submit grant applications in order to be considered for funding. Unfortunately, the Foundation is not able to fund all grant requests we receive.

I already pay increased taxes for new schools and technology, why should I give more money to the Foundation?
You’re correct in saying that some of your tax money goes to the school district.  The Foundation was created to help supplement the needs of our students beyond the tax dollars we receive.  It is important to understand that the Salina Education Foundation is not a part of the school district. Although we are great partners, we are a not-for-profit organization. Therefore, your donations do not become part of the school district’s funds.

How can I help the Salina Education Foundation and our Salina students?
There are many different ways to become involved! CLICK HERE to learn how...